What Losing Weight and Making Money Have In Common

It's true!  When we focus intently upon a thing it seems to multipy - whether it's feeling overweight and everyone including your jeans commenting on it or coming up with an original idea, then seeing it suddenly appear in the latest Visi magazine, in a movie and on your best friends wall!

I'm thinking, the same applies to MONEY : ) Yes! It works in good ways as well as a bad.

Trying to manipulate the Law of Attraction by focusing on a thing in order for it to multiply, will NOT work, however. This is a Truth that has been written about, in Spiritual terms, throughout the ages in various quaint stories, lovingly told. This is more about Surrender and Faith. There is an element of Grace that comes in to play...and you play with Grace and you both get lost in the moment and suddenly - there you are - in the Secret Garden : )

The thing is, we can't try and fool the System. With a capital 'S'. It is, afterall, The Universe, God, the Creative Power or any other name you feel comfortable calling It, to which I refer.  I believe this Power deserves our respect and awe.

We can't force ourselves to reach an epiphany or spiritual awakening, any more than we can make money manifest in our lives through WILLING it. I guess I am turning the much celebrated Law Of Attraction on its head. But only in the way I am looking at it. Making mental pictures of money or gold and trying to force them, mentally, to come our way - does not work. Success, from a bottom up viewpoint, may look that way - but I do not believe it happens that way.

How does surrender, as a money-making concept, work for you?

In a great post by Mr Michael Neill aka The Supercoach, he suggests to a client that instead of saying 'God is my co-pilot', she should consider thinking 'I am God's co-pilot'.

This is how I see it: We tune ourselves into what is possible for us, in our little worlds, from our limited perspective of what could be. Then, we walk the path towards our goal. Like little children with a candle in the dark. Feeling our way with faith and a little nervous excitement, towards what we hope we will find at the end of the journey. The attitude or state of mind we are in during that journey, will determine, not necessarily the outcome- but how we perceive and harmoniously integrate with it. In some ways, we could say, we become the end result we seek.


140 Jump!

I've been thinking about the times I've been overweight, and how I easily I thought about 'being overweight' all day long - in the mistaken belief that thinking about it might make it go away! How could that possibly work?

The same with 'not having enough money'. It comes up in every conversation, on the car radio, on the billboard we just passed, with family and friends. We literally see it EVERYWHERE. So what does all this talk of not having enough get us? More of the same. Untill we shift focus. 

The 'being overweight' doesn't stop happening - the 'not having enough money' doesn't stop happening - I just stop interacting with the thought of it. Anyone who has successfully lost weight and kept it off, has long ago left the 'being overweight conversation' and are thoroughly enjoying the 'feeling happy about life' conversation instead. Somewhere in between that transition, the weight got LOST. The money started coming IN.

The way I am seeing it, I have to do what comes naturally. Complete and absolute surrender to what is in front of me to do. My thing, done my way, with LOVE. Keeping in mind at all time's, that the RESULTS are not entirely up to me. How I do it, how much attention and love I bring to it, is all I have in my control. 

It's really this simple: Taking the focus off Not Having Enough and concentrating on Making More Of. It may seem like a subtle shift in focus - but the result in mental attitude is BIG. 

This could be a perfect note to self in my other post on how to get out of a slump...

So, no long-winded philosophy. No complicated strategy. 'Just follow your bliss,' Mr Supercoach says, 'and the money thing sorts itself out' This could be interpreted in a few ways. 

But what it doesn't mean, is that we just forget about the money and do our thing and hope for the best. It means that we stop 'trying to sort out' the lack of money and focus instead on 'doing more of' that which we know brings us happiness and by default, more money. Both happiness and money are equally important, simply because, if we aren't happy doing what we do, it wont last long. : ) We wont be resilient through the tough times (which there will be some) and niether will we be fired up with fresh ideas and thus attractive to new opportunities.

I'm thinking the short version is: No LOVE (for what I do)= No MONEY (for what I do).

I could carry on elaborating, but I think short and sweet is more potent - like an esspresso of Truth. Down it. Feel the effect? : )

To carry me off on that high note: I just sold these 8 gorgeous textile designs from my issiMya and Natural History ranges for display on fabric at SARCDA.


These 4 from the issiMya range:

139 Flora Africa

These 4 from the Natural History Range:


138 On the Seaside...

And then, these TOTALLY drooliscious pieces of furniture popped up in my inbox from FAB.com made by a company called The Divine Chair. The designer, Kitty McBride, is based in New York and according to Treehugger.com

'McBride began by selling her one-of-a-kind pieces on Craigslist in 2008. Soon, however, the business grew and expanded to NYC's GreenFlea Sunday Market in the Upper West Side. She now sells her incredible chairs online (starting at US $400) and also does custom orders and rentals.'


141 142



Are they not just too damn beaut for words? I loooooove all Kitty McBride's products.

I 'saw' my fabrics on her chairs and I just went a little cuckoo with excitement. Being the do-before-I-think kinda gal, I tapped out an introductory email about my fabric designs to her - and Lo! She wrote back instantly. How sweet! The lovely Kitty thinks my fabric designs are gorgeous : )

I could be high on a happy note on just that alone. Now I am investigating getting them printed onto upholstery weight fabrics. Sooo exciting to think I'll finally get to see my creations on tangible, luxurious, thick, substantial stuff!

143 ...another Divine Chair

Fabrics - one of my earliest obsessions. I could easily spend ALL DAY walking around fabric shops, feeling with hungry hands and feasting with ravenous eyes...


OH, and I promised a video of art making. *sigh*It is coming. I have done the introduction and am still getting over the shock of seeing myself in living colour!!....Bear/bare with me : ) 

Also, all moral support is WELCOME : )


Leila's picture
2 March 2012 - 12:59am // Reply

Fabulous my inspiring friend :) Absolutely agree about the power of attraction and how manifestation works. Also so pleased about your wonderful designs being appreciated and potentially used in this way. Just keep doing what you do :) xxxxx

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