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After the birth of my second son, Jude, at the age of 33, I kind of slowly woke up to the truth. That I was an ARTIST and embarrassed to admit it!

Having had the great blessing of meeting and marrying an exceptionally creative man who both supported and understood my creative drive, I finally stopped running from art. While on maternity leave from my Big Corporate Job, I contemplated my options and dug up my fears.

Within a circle of blossoming friendships with a number of women artists at the time, I was easily encouraged through the first wobbly years of finding my artist soul again. I formulated a consultancy proposal to offer my company in order to free myself from the cushy employment as an (ironically titled) Art Director. This way, I would still receive a retainer, but have more time to explore art and be a real mother to both my inner child and my real life children.

I have spent more than a decade now as an artist. Through the years, I have regularly found myself in the position of informally coaching and encouraging other artists; writers, painters, actors or dancers in a similar state of unhappy denial, to allow themselves uncover and recover their creative spirits.

What I discovered through helping others, was that my mindset had changed. The way I thought about, spoke about and acted on my deepest beliefs about art, had lead me through a personal TRANSFORMATION. This book is how that happened.

Disclaimer: I am not a trained counselor or therapist so I can't psychoanalyze you into succeeding creatively. This is a personal handbook of tools I found along the way in life that helped me to rediscover inspiration for a thriving creative life. Basically, it's How To Be Your Own Best Friend.

These tools helped me recover my dying creativity, undo the thinking patterns that were sabotaging progress and use them successfully in both work and relationships.

Naming the Un-nameable

In my book I use the term The Universe, as a non-threatening means to describe the indescribable living energy or power that permeates this world. Another lovely term is The Great Mystery or The Universal Power. This is, to me, the source of all that is inspired and transcendent, spiritual and unfathomable or magic in this world. It is not required that you believe this too, that you be religious or follow some spiritual path to succeed creatively or even in order to use these tools. However, a sense of open mindedness to the concept of something greater than yourself is almost a necessity.

To accept that “It”cannot readily be explained but that one can gain access to “It” in the stillness of one's Being, is essential in any form of creative endeavor. If we wish to find something original, unexpected and new in the process, we need to go back to the openess of a child, expecting wonder around every corner.

How life's lessons helped me to do that, is what this book is about.

You Know The Truth

Essentially, these tools are within your life right now. You do not need more knowledge. You just need to recognise what you alread know. How to gain access to this KNOWING and use it, is hopefully what I can guide you towards.

Julia Cameron says it so well in the The Artists Way; “What we are talking about is a creative energy. God is useful shorthand for many of us, but so is Goddess, Mind, Universe, Source and Higher Power. The point is not what you name it. The point is that you try using it. For many of us, thinking of it as a form of spiritual electricity has been a very useful jumping-off place.”

Whatever your age or path in life, whether you intend to become a full time artist or just want to be more creative in your current situation - you are never too old, and it is never too late to THRIVE creatively.

Next Week: The 3 Primary Tools for Understanding and Undoing Creative Blocks

See you then...


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