Men and 'Make Do' - it's a VERB, y'all!

Yes. Yawn. Well, this is NOT one of those drippy blog posts about how luvverly Valentine style love is. It's also not one of those"Aaargh! V-day is so over-rated, commercialized. Yadda, yadda. "

I happen to have one of those men in my life (yes, and he's my husband) who actually DOES Valentine me. How ironic, for a woman who has seriously NEVER paid any attention to the day. It's like that cat thing. Choosing to snuggle into the lap of the very one who doesn't really care too much for cats...

In fact, he kinda always remembers to 'Valentine' me and often forgets my BIRTHDAY. Thank God! or he'd be in sh£$!t street. And I don't mean dollars and pounds and stuff. 

What does he do? He tells me I'm gorgeous at least every second day. He kisses me when he sees me and kisses me when he leaves me. Nice, warm loving kisses : ) He makes me stuff. He listens... He does other stuff too, but that's our business ; )


He has also been known to give me a gift for absolutely no apparent reason, on any given day. No reason, seriously, other than that he loves me and thought about me. Now THAT is what keeps the fire burning...ya with me?

If anything, the Valentine phenomena, should be a reminder to us in loving relationship with one another, that we CAN celebrate the freedom to give to each other without expectation. Well, to try, at least. There is something remarkably delicious and exciting about getting a gift for no apparent reason on an otherwise arb day. And I don't mean ON Valentine's Day. I reckon that date should just be a reminder to do an arb gift-giving at some point, or two, or three, in the year : ). A reminder to surprise and delight one another with no agenda attached - other than to create feelings of LOVE and APPRECIATION between you.


122 Totally a Valentine kinda painting

Anyway, that's it. That's what I had to say about that.  So, in the spirit of arb gift-giving - here is an ULTRA sweet inspiration catalyst, for those of you that wanna do Just That:

It's a VIY (Valentine It Yourself )Heart box from my esty shop. Designed by little ol' me. It's open-ended. In a good way - for loving things to go into. A digital download for a mere $1,50!! For South Africans: that's 7 odd bucks, skattie.


123 Dang! It's cute : ( Can't seem to do this any other way...

Just print. Cut out and assemble in two nano-seconds. Find something delightful to put into it. Some ideas for the less imaginative amongst us: beaut lingerie, hectically expensive chocolate, the best French perfume your money can buy, drop-dead gorgeous flowers, a super dooper new time-piece...Yawn....Sooooo OBVIOUS!

121 Cut Fold Glue


BUT WAIT! How about this INSTEAD: Instead of beaut lingerie....OK, beaut lingerie cannot be beat.

Instead of gorgeous flowers: tissue-paper-wrapped bulbs, of soon-to-be exquisite Tulips,

Instead of hectically expensive chocolates: home-made raw chocolate thingamy's,

Instead of the best French smelly stuff you can throw hard earned cash at - a bevvy of mini French Perfumes with ribbons around their pretty little necks,

Instead of a super dooper new wallet-whacking time-piece: a piece of your time, a personally made TOKEN for a massage by YOU, or a WHATEVER (fill in the blank) by YOU .... You get the piccie, right?

Then, specifically for the men -READ THIS!  Loving with POWER Women, pass on if you dare ; ) Hey, you could print it out and put it right in that there pretty little heart box! : D

ENJOY! Joy! joi de vivre...peace, hearts and harmony!




 oh-oh! I said it wasn't going to be drippy...*sigh* You got me, Val baby! It's my husband's fault!

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