I'm Getting Personal

Actually, it's always personal - what am I saying?? About my direction at the moment- in case you're interested.

A couple of things:

1. I am on the 3rd day of a Green Smoothie/Green Juice cleanse. I have to say the word cleanse really doesn't make sense - whenever I do this it feels like a feast, a celebration and a return to feeling Friggin Amazing!

My two current Goddesses of Green; Tera Warner  of the famous WISH SUMMIT talks and Kris Carr of 'Crazy Sexy Diet' are the women I lean on for inspiration when I do this. Tera is actually running a F*R*E*E! 3 Day Detox where she coaches you along with emails and recipe's etc. Check it out HERE. She is so adorable and honest - like a universal sister.

I am going to tell you why I do this regularly and what I LOVE so much about a High Raw diet for it's effect on my creativity/relationship/PMS/state of mental health and MORE ...in my E Book - that's also FREE as you may know by now.

It''s not all about food, obviously...as you can see on my new blog heading it's about the Inner Creative Journey: ART +SOUL+SAVVY  : Creative Currency. I'll enlarge on the concept in my next post.

If you haven't already -let  me know  HERE if you wanna get my FREE book when it's done : )

Just off the top of my happy head about FOOD:

Our BIGGEST health and wellness problem is that we suffer from inflammation. ALL OF US.

Acidic diets, stress,  voluntary intake of toxins like nicotine and caffeine, over-cooked foods, high intake (especially in SA!) of animal flesh - ALL lead to a highly acidic state of pH in the body, leading to a breading ground in our digestive tracts for fungal infestation and a host of other grotty things that all lead to cancerous growth acceleration.

Basically, if you fart, burp, feel sluggish in the morning or before your next cup of coffee. Drink or smoke. Battle to lose weight, have allergies or concentration problems, lack of enthusiasm for life and obscene cravings for certain types of food. YOU NEED TO TRY THIS. That's all I'm saying. 



ONE day alone on a utterly delicious menu of  Green Juices ( read: liquid sunshine) will put you in such a heavenly state both physically and mentally, that you will WANT to stick to it for longer. Karen Knowler has a page on FB called I Went Raw For A Day - just read what people say on there. It's magical - truly. Kris Carr has put her SARCOMA CANCER in remission on a high raw diet. Get tissues handy - her story makes you cry. Watch a trailer for her movie HERE.

2. I finally pulled the bulk of the content for my book together last weekend! So happy and proud of me (kisses for me xxxx)

I had a lovely response from all of you wanting to read it - thank you ( kisses for you xxxx) and I think that coupled with not charging for it ( which has been a bit of a heart/mind dance for me) I suddenly felt the full-on enthusiasm, flow of words and bigger picture that I needed to get it out in full. I got the energy I needed and freedom to go ahead and Just DO it!

So thanks again all of you kind lovelies. Each one of you will be a contributor to this book - if you wish to be. Full details when you receive it. If you haven't yet - let me know if you want it.


3. I 'met' one of my readers Rose Mc Clement via Twitter

just as I was about to toss in the towel with the whole Twittersphere

(takes waaaay too much time to read everything)  

although most of it is really good content  - if you follow fabulous people ; )

Rose and I connected immediately and she has asked me to do an interview for her lovely blog -The Design Tabloid.

 So cool! I am obviously head-over heals with all things to do with design, so I look forward to that. My interview will be coming soon, but hop over to her blog and check it out so long ...

4. And now....(drumroll) : A very deeply personal, and (as yet unedited) piece from my book. 

This is about GETTING REAL:


"That evening at home, I looked at myself in the mirror and ‘saw’ something that made me so sad. I knew that if I carried on this way I would end up crazy or suicidal. I was simply not getting REAL.  Being quite frankly, unable to accept where I was – career wise, physically and emotionally –  I hid my truth.  I kept myself busy. Hectic. Soooo busy. But, worst of all - I told myself stories...

About other peoples lives. About their opinions of me; what they thought about me, what they said about me. In all the scenarios I was somehow the victim. Even the stories where I tried to be the one that came out on top! It was still a victim/perpetrator scenario. There was always a winner and a loser.

I blocked out MY TRUTH, for fear of what it would do to me to accept where I was in comparison to others. None of the stories were true or good or even logical!

I desperately wanted change, but I couldn’t see a way out of my present situation, because I wasn’t even present in my own life.

I stood in front of my mirror and told my reflection out LOUD, everything that I was ashamed to admit about my short-comings from the ‘worlds’ perspective of success. I said the hardest truth’s over and over and over again to myself.  Looking my brown eyes squarely in the middle - I faced My TRUTH

Then I felt something happen around the muscles inside my chest. A tickling sensation that rippled through me in a giggle. I laughed in surprise when I heard myself laugh.  Eventually I was leaning on the side of the basin, laughing like I had only really done with close friends or family – ridiculous, big-tooth laughter, tears streaming, crazy-funny laughter...

I understood instantly that I was my only judge and juror. From then on my thoughts were going to be my worst enemy or my best friend. I got to decide which.

I felt such relief. And awe at how easy it was to let go. The joyful abandonment of someone who has no pretences to hold on to, no 'them' to run a race with, no world of critical eyes to ward off. As tears ran down my glowing cheeks, my skew front tooth sparkled at me and I saw mySELF as beautiful – for the first time in my life."

How real is YOUR thinking? Have you faced your icky, not so pretty truth and got over it? If you feel like sharing - it makes the circle cozier when you do. xxx



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