Honesty in the Creative Process

I wrote something REALLY HONEST on Facebook yesterday, straight from my journal.

"Realizing that there is no-one to talk to. About the real stuff that's going on. I am withdrawing and withdrawing from others as I start truly living this Life. Understanding that everything is the SELF. Responding only with LOVE to all. This is my biggest challenge now..."


69 Tools and Vintage bottles

I posted it without my usual censor and editing and internal waffle that always jumps up to stop me baring my soul in words...the way I like to...the way I want to see others do...the way communication should be. TRUE. it felt good and clean and I realised that this change in my need to express, mirrors the honest un-manipulated pieces of the SALVAGED series I am working on right now....

67 SALVAGED Collection

I keep wanting to do something clever to them, add something, manipulate the visual - but I stop myself. It is what it is.

Perfectly natural imperfection.

From journal...

"Calling back my thoughts - every minute.

Calling back my spirit.

I'm making displays of God's creations.

Little sea snail shells - bleached white by the sun, in row upon row - white on white. Pearlescent sheen and matt white - calming to the eye.

Like natural science specimens. Neatly, thoughtfully placed.

Crabs claws, leaves laced by weather - rain then sun then rain then sun. Eaten away gently exposing the leaf bone. So delicate the decay.

Eucalyptus pods, shards, vintage bottles from a very old dump outside a Karoo town. Brought to light by torrential rains and mud slides."


 My favourite companions while I work. Rich green juice and raw chocolate mousse.

66 Creative Fuel


RAW Choc a la Moi:

half a large creamy avo/vanilla/cinnamon/5 fat shmooshy dates/salt/dash of cayenne pepper/2 table spoons of raw cacao powder/ about two tblspns tahini/a handful of powdered almonds/ a third of a cup of water and blend till mousse-y and devour with strawberries : )

68 The pieces I can't resist


I see these box framed, white and glass.

This series started because I wanted to photograph them, to paint them. But painting them is futile. They have to be seen to be believed, to be appreciated, admired, to create the necessary awe.

Their jewel-like delicacy and attention to the finest details needs to be focused on to the exclusion of all other distraction.

It is incredible how much there is of all these exquisitely fine components. Tons of lacy leaves, tons of white spiral shells, big to tiny. Tons of bleached crab claws, speckled leaves, pods, everything. Nothing needs to be killed to make these collections.

I am just the curator of Gods gorgeous stuff.

She has showered the natural spaces with masses of collectible beauty.

I just go on treasure hunts and pick the pieces I can't resist.

64 Natural Selection




65 Leaf Bone - delicate decay





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